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A creative, simple, and delightful platformer!

Klonoa Wii (Originally Klonoa: Door to Phantomile that was released on the Playstation in 1997) is a simple, creative, and delightful platformer that is sure to please.  The environments in this game are creatively used and graphically beautiful!  I like to see the parts of a level being used in the backgrounds, and it makes me think of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Gamecube and Super Paper Mario for Wii because of the background use!  I think that the background idea is very conservative!  Klonoa is easy to control, and is interesting to control to say the least!  Throwing enemies down to the ground to gain an extra push on a jump really adds to the gameplay! Klonoa has good and bad music, but there is certainly memorable music as you continue to advance.  The game is sure to leave sweet memories and good dreams instead of nightmares!

The story-line is very, very cheesy, and you can pretty much play the game without listening to the story, although it is important to hear what Joker has so say about how to beat a boss.  It’s tiring to hear Klonoa and Huepow constantly introduce themselves to people over and over again just about all throughout the game.  The voice acting is terrible, but it’s easy to work around, like in Sonic games.  Another big problem about Klonoa Wii is that it’s over before you know it.  The game is way too short, and it really needs to be longer.  When you beat the last boss or complete final vision, you can play the levels backwards, which may add to more Klonoa experience.  Playing the stages backwards though isn’t as fun as your first time playing the stages normally, in my opinion.

Out of all the games I have played, Klonoa Wii is one of the most unique games I have ever played.  Klonoa Wii to a point reminds me of Mischief Makers that was released for the N64, because both games have a tremendous amount of potential because of the unique gameplay they offer.  I believe that if they continued with Klonoa on Wii and added levels and increase the difficulty, it would be a hit!  Despite Klonoa being significantly short, it’s still worth playing.  However, it’s not worth the full retail price of $30, but it is an excellent rental.  Klonoa Wii is a great game because of the simple and creative controls and environments, but the shortness and simplicity of the game is what makes it disappointing.  Having that said, I give Klonoa Wii and modest score of 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

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Posted by luce

the voice acting wasn't really a problem as there was another option for a "phantomile" language which was charming and well done. however i do agree with the game being very short.

for $30 though, you could do a lot worse..especially on the wii

Posted by Tireyo
luce said:
the voice acting wasn't really a problem as there was another option for a "phantomile" language which was charming and ... [more]
I really didn't like the voice acting as you could really tell. :) I didn't hear the "phantomile" language, I just wanted to get to the game because I was so excited. lol.

I've been there on spending a bad $30 on a game, but I was lucky enough to get $25 back for it!  It was a DragonBall game that I got for Christmas, and I didn't really like it as soon as I seen it.  Don't really like DBZ anymore. :(  I played the game, but it didn't hold my interest.

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