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Up Your Arsenal

Klunk first features in the Ratchet and Clank series in Up Your Arsenal, after being created by the game's main villain, Dr. Nefarious. Klunk is identical to Clank externally, except that his eyes are red instead of green. He also has a similar set of abilities and upgrade, such as the Heli-Pack and Thruster Pack. While Clank was filming his latest episode of Secret Agent Clank, he was captured, and secretly replaced with Klunk by Nefarious, unknown to Ratchet. While with Ratchet, Klunk disguised himself by changing his eye colour to green. Eventually Ratchet realised he was an imposter, and fought him while in Giant Klunk form. Once defeated, Ratchet was able to free Clank, and eventually track down Nefarious.

Secret Agent Clank

Although it seemed he had been destroyed in Up Your Arsenal, Klunk makes another appearance in Secret Agent Clank, this time as a main villain in his own right. Initially only known as 'Kingpin', Klunk frames Ratchet, leading to his inprisonment. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Klunk, using a mind control machine, forced Ratchet to commit the crime. He would use the same system to get Ratchet to threaten the galaxy with destruction, planning on stepping in and saving the world, thus becoming a hero. After revealing this plan to Clank, the two do battle, after which, Klunk is defeated. Clank also manages to save Captain Qwark, who was almost killed by a hitman posing as a journalist, hired by Klunk. At the end of the game, Klunk is seen in Ratchet's apartment, having been converted into a vacuum cleaner.

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