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Knack is a scientific experiment created to stop the goblins in their war against the humans in this bright, animated third-person action platformer.


Goblins and humans are at war. The humans call on their military and diplomatic strength, but are surprised when a scientist offers his new AI as a solution. Knack is a metal combination of floating objects that form a anthropomorphic being.

While Knack is battling goblins, the goblin leader questions him on why he would fight for humans when he is not one himself.

Meanwhile, the military leader of the humans has turned traitor and presumably begun genetic or robotic experiments in making stronger soldiers.


Besides platforming challenges, Knack will face a variety of enemies throughout the approximately 10 hour long storyline. His standard attack can be chained into a combo, and Knack is able to collect Sunstones that act as fuel for several Super Moves. In addition to his ability to double-jump, Knack can dash to evade attacks.

As Knack, the player will be able to collect relics either by defeating enemies or from hidden areas throughout the levels. By collecting relics, Knack will grow bigger and stronger, enabling him to defeat more difficult enemies or reach higher grounds. Additionally Knack will be able to "absorb" items other than relics that will provide him with alternative abilities such as entering Stealth Mode to sneak through laser beams after having merged with glass.

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