kidavenger's Knack (PlayStation 4) review

A launch game

Not a perfect game but I did enjoy it for the most part.

I think the difficulty of this game has been massively overstated, most levels I only died a few times, one-shoted a few bosses, once you figure out the patterns it's very easy to do what you need to do.

The loot aspect was unexpected and when the loot was flowing it was exciting, there are a few very long stretches that had no loot and those parts of the game were the worst.

The story had some unbelievably stupid moments, nonsense, and stuff that even a child would question. This game also had absolutely no humor in it, look at the animation style in cut scenes you'd think there'd be some funny moments, there wasn't.

Knack wasn't very impressive looking, when he's small, he's small, and when he's big, he's just a big blob.

I think the game was a bit too long, there was a point where it felt like it would have ended very nicely, then the game went on for another 2 hours. I had been playing it in 1-2 hour chunks all week and I was happy, once I hit level 9 I figured I was at the end to I pressed on and it ended up being 4 more hours of me saying fuck out loud every 5 minutes.

Once you beat the game, it opens up new game modes and you can start using the alternate Knacks that you unlocked, I'm going to play it through again to try all the new stuff, Not something I usually feel like doing.


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