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Knights is an online action adventure game currently in production by indie game developers “Playground State”.  In this game players take on the role of a Knight to battle whatever force of evil needs vanquishing: whether that’s a galactic empire; mummies; a galactic empire of mummies; space cavemen; robots; screaming pumpkin gods; wizards; or the undead. If it’s evil, the knights will ride in on their battle trains and give it a solid thrashing   The game is designed to be infinitely expandable in bite-sized releases centered on these scenario concepts available as an ongoing series of free DLC. A shooter one day, an RPG the next, and maybe something experimental down the road. One day the knights race through the crowded fish-blimp cities of the sky on the trail of the red ninja; the next it’s an adventure with Oscar Wilde to save the Moulin Rouge from a coven of vampires. One scenario rendered in cutting edge 3D graphics, the next 8 bit and text. One day gritty and real, the next painterly and impressionistic. It’s as variable as can be imagined. 

Spiral Islands is the first Knights scenario in production and takes the Knights to the a tropical archipelago to battle a fleet of evil crab pirates raiding the spiral islands in search of a mysterious power said to reside there. Delivered in a sequence of small chapters, the Spiral Islands scenario also brings with it a host of multiplayer arenas and co-op scenarios. 


The Spiral Islands scenario is a first person shooter blended with a few puzzle solving and role playing elements. The scenario begins with a battle across the beaches and tide pools of the Spiral Islands and continues on in subsequent chapters with the unfolding story of the Carcinite pirates and the mystery of the islands.

Multiplayer arenas will feature standard gameplay modes like deathmatch, capture the flag, and team games as well as a handful of oddball modes. 

Game World

The game world of Knights is as changeable as its stories. The knights themselves hail from a home universe which is itself a vast, unmappable castle and will serve as a hub-world for launching game content and engaging in persistent social activities. 
The Spiral Islands are a mysterious archipelago located on a remote ocean moon. As the story unfolds we find that so do the islands; they’re a geographical puzzle box designed to protect a dangerous secret and keep the unworthy at bay. Players will visit the shores, tidepools, volcanoes, and underwater trenches of the tranquil island paradise, and see the tremendous stone monuments of its native guardians.

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