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Knuckle Bash is an arcade brawler developed by Toaplan and released in Japan 1993. It was brought to North America and Europe by Atari. The goal is to defeat the evil Mad Bulls Group and protect wrestling for future generations. To do this you must fight through the ten stages using one of the initial three characters. Two additional characters are unlocked by defeating them in combat.

There are two potential missions to choose from although both must be completed. In the first option you must first head to Hong Kong in order to find Hayate, a master of Ninpow, and convince him to join you. The other heads to the Mad Bulls Group's headquarters, Battle Kingdom, where you can recruit Kyaputeso. Ultimately you must head to the Mad Bulls Group's secret lair and defeat their leader.


Knuckle Bash is standard hand to hand brawler with little to distinguish itself from it's contemporaries. Combat consists of punches, kicks, grabs, and aerial attacks with each character also having special attacks. There are no weapons or other pickups available in the game. Similar to other brawlers, the screen is often locked until all the enemies in the area are defeated. However, a large majority of the game is spent fighting one-on-one boss encounters.

If you are playing with another player there is a mini-game in between some of the stages where you must mash an attack button in order to knock out the other player. The winner of the mini-game receives bonus health.


  • Initial Characters
Michael Sobut (Clash)
El Plancha (Dice)
Jack Brow (Devo)
  • Unlockable Characters

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