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An interesting game but tiresome

 Knuckles Chaotix is probably the only 32X game I can even name and its a decent game when it comes down to it. The problems it suffers from don't involve the gimmicky two characters tied to a rope concept, its actually the level design and timer that are the biggest negatives.
While Chaotix does have some pure left to right levels, a lot of the levels consist of going up to go slightly to the right then down and then this repeating for ten minutes. Fans of Sonic's Genesis titles might remember the fact you only had ten minutes to complete a level, in Chaotix you get more than that. How much more? I haven't the slightest but considering most levels take between 7-12 minutes to complete I can only imagine a 30 or 60 minute timer per level.
In fact this game is so long it has a save system, and unlike Sonic 3 it actually desperately needs this. This game takes roughly ten hours and that entire time you'll want it to end and sometimes it strangely will. I mentioned a timer earlier and what I meant by that is if you hit 0 rings or the weird negative ring status you'll only have ten seconds to get rings before you are warped back to the stage select. Death becomes more costly and can seriously turn off most gamers.

My final negative point on this one is Charmy the Bee is useless and including a character that's slow, weak and too tiny to complete levels is frustratingly dumb of Sonic Team.

Verdict: PASS
Verdict if You are a Sonic fan boy: Eh Try it 

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