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So, I'm really liking this game. It is a metroidvania game, in case there was any doubt, and you play either as a humanoid "sprite" that does normal platforming, in addition to climbing walls, or a bouncing ball that can jump higher and swing with a tether but is harder to control. After a while you get the ability to switch between the two at will.

Some random thoughts:

  • Love the look of the game, lots of black silhouettes interspersed with photo-realistic colorful plants that subtly sway as if there's wind. Looks fantastic on the Vita's screen.
  • The closeups of the characters aren't so hot though.
  • There's a bit of dialog, and it's kinda rough. I gather this is the creators first attempt at it, and unfortunately it shows.
  • Not sure where the plot is going, or how the chapters connect to each other.
  • The map seems huge, filling out as you explore. The first two chapters are a bit limited in scope, but the third one leaves you free to go where you want.
  • The controls are very responsive/touchy. Feels great when you're able to blaze through the environments using fancy maneuvers, but there are moments of frustration where you die because the character keeps doing far more than what you intended.
  • It's very handheld friendly, segmented into one screen rooms. You can always just play a room or two, then put the Vita in sleep mode and feel you've made some progress.
  • Regardless of the caveats, the game is a lot of fun, and filling out that map is a compelling hook.

Go buy it people!

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#2 Posted by Timing (635 posts) -

Good to hear you like it. I considered buying it yesterday as I really liked Nifflas' earlier games Knytt and Within a Deep Forest and this game seems to combine those two into one. Unfortunately there's no trial version so I'll still hold off until I see some full reviews. Looks good though.

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#3 Posted by BlackLagoon (1908 posts) -

@Timing: Just hope it does get some reviews. In theory releasing during a part of the year with less retail competition sounds like a good idea, but with most of the gaming media on vacation, I worry it'll just get forgotten.

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#4 Posted by xfuturesx (46 posts) -

Good to see something positive about this game. I was curious about it, but hadn't seen much in the way of impressions from others on it.

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I'm only an hour into it, but I quite like it so far.

It controls well, and the art style in the backgrounds is really nice to look at. Dig the music too. There is the odd spot here and there which hasn't quite been polished to a shine, but it's all been perfectly forgivable so far. I'll probably play this one till the end.

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...and I wasn't kidding when I said this game was huge. The map is 50x30, meaning there's 1500 rooms, and I've only gotten to 800 so far. Not to mention it's filled with all sorts of obscure secrets and hidden areas outside the map (including a copy of the original Knytt game). Feels pretty old school in that regard - there's so much you have to figure out on your own.

A bit surprised that there doesn't seem to be any permanent upgrades, aside from switching between sprite and ball. So once you get to chapter three, you should be able to traverse just about every room in the game - you just have to become more creative in how you use the powers.

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Got this through Playstation Plus, just downloaded it to my Vita tonight, haven't played it yet but I had no idea what it was and I'm glad to hear positive things about it.

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I kinda think this game is not as good as it could be. For me it´s the controls that bring it down. Or, to be more precise, the way the character moves.

It never really feels like a good platformer should, basically you´re a sprite skating along the ground. The artstyle looks okay, but boy does this game make me sleepy. Do not play late at night. The sound and the art will put you to sleep.

Yeah, need to play some more, but so far it doesn´t hold a candle to Symphony of the Night / Metroid / Shadow Complex.

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#9 Posted by Nettacki (1333 posts) -

@Superfriend: Maybe that's the point. An oddly relaxing MetroidVania style platformer that's perfect for playing before going to bed.

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Loving this right now, through playstation plus, but as an end of the night game it's got me up at 2 am pushing to explore one more room...

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