Kodu looks pretty neat (you know, shown w/ the 12 year old girl)

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I think people are overlooking this.  This is a game for the 360 and Windows, and it looks pretty cool.  It's not like LBP where it's strictly a level creator, but instead, well, take a look.  It was actually shown off a while ago under the name Boku.  This was announced before LBP was.  The day before to be exact.



(both somewhat old videos)

---- if this is truly versatile and actual up to the par with a graphic style of programming (which basically means commands which allow for vesatility and allow you to do much anything if you work around it), it should be neat. Looking at the second programming, it should.   Well, at least enough to, well , work around to get whatever.

I'll pick it up if it allows content sharing.

LBP rocks and this should too, in a different way

---->  This isn't going to be full priced.  It's being viewed as an educational game and may be distributed for free or at a cheap price.
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I'm down for it, I so want to create my own games.

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I'll get it for PC perhaps

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dont forget that that was an acutual 12 year old girl.  none of that fake stuff

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when the first time i`ve seen this, i was like WTF do we really need this?But after watching more i started to like this game looks great

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looks.. NICE

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As someone who spent way to many hours in high school "playing" RPG maker 2 I will really be interested in seeing what this can do.

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isn't this funny?  Everyone is replying positivly.

The problem with this game is that they showed things people have created rather than the actual creation.  Cool, a generic level creator for a flash game?  But no, it's essentially RPG maker - scripting + ABC intro to programming for kids + lbp.'
Should be so fun.  I feel like this is going to be as good as LBP.  Looking at this again, definately getting this.

--- coakroach said:

"I'll get it for PC perhaps"
Why?  It's made for a controller interface.
Unless you mean because you don't have a 360, then go ahead.  It's just I think you'd definately want to play with a controller.  It's seems sort of like VP with a mouse, fine, but feels sort of weird (i think)
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Looks way too difficult to create anything meaningful.  I'll leave it to the creative professionals to make something enjoyable with this.

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Looks good for people who don't want to learn to code, but I'm not sure how deep it will really be.

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how?  See apple---> move to--->  when bump---> eat --->  When apple is eaten--->  +1         When 10 score is achieved---> display win
Should be doable for almost anyone.  Probably some indepth things though if you want to.

And by the way, this is actually coming out, for some reason, on the community games channel, which means a maximum price of $10?
Yep, it's suppose to be a framework essentially.  I could see them making this a full fledged $60 title.

---- And what you're overlooking.  There's a shooting function, a side scrolling function, and a jumping function confirmed.  You know what this means?  A side scrolling platformer shoot em up.  Heck yea!   I'm thinking it's versatile.

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Hey that chick used to be on G4. I would check this game out. (Reading, Learning, Release and we'll see.)

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I did a lot of really cool things with the variations of RPG Maker for PC, and I had a lot of fun doing it even if I never did really finish any projects.  I'll be interested to see how Kodu turns out.

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^ well the difference is that RPG maker requires a huge amount of time to make a good project
In this people like you could make arcade style games.  Really hope they have a repeating function (for the 3 lives your dead high score shooters) + a portal (but in form of domain x = teleport).  Oh the coolness I could do with it.

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