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Sango protects her brother even in death

Kohaku, Sango and Kirara enjoy the peace before the tragedy
Kohaku is the resurrected brother of demon slayer Sango. After falling victim to a demon who could control his very actions, Kohaku killed his family and friends mercilessly. When pulled out of the creature's grip the immense guilt overwhelmed him even as he died under the protection of a sister who forgave his actions. Naraku, the orchestrator of the deception, used the power of the shard of the Shikon no Tama to revive the boy and offer him mindless subservience. Accepting the offer that would rid himself of the guilt and painful recollection, Kohaku became a deadly assassin for the very creature responsible for his death.

Despite being in Naraku's control, Kohaku's sister Sango pleads with Inuyasha to allow him to live. The boy, even under supposed total control, refrains from completing his master's wishes to their full extent. Sango sees wisps of the boy's good nature even as he is unwittingly forced to perform heinous acts.

His weapon of choice is a sickle on a chain. This weapon acts as both a short range ranged weapon and a melee weapon. Like all demon slayers he has a sword at his side, however he is never seen to use it.

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