Kojima-san Sparks An Old Flame

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All the focus on Hideo Kojima over the past year or so has been Metal Gear Solid 4 related, but Kojima-san has not forgotten about other franchises, such as Zone of Enders. In fact, Kojima-san is very aware of the interest in a third game. In the latest episode of the Metal Gear Solid Integral podcast, the team at Kojima Productions talk in detail about the franchise. In fact Kojima actually asks out at fans- How many people really want Zone of the Enders a sequel?"

So, do you want to see a third game, and if so, for what platform?

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I remember buying this game solely for MGS2 demo, lol. I was glad I did, I actually found it quite enjoyable.

#2 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2019 posts) -

Hell yes. 360 and PS3. DU EET.

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Whoa whoa whoa... they've been actually releasing the integral podcast?

Well I'm down for another ZoE sequel, which platform? I really don't care, surprise me Kojima.

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yes, and obviously on ps3. 

it would be nice to see on both systems, but i like these kind of games to be exclusive, so that they get the most out of the console they make it for. 
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As long as ps3 gets the love as well -they could release this on n-gage for all i care :D

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There's definitely room for a good mech game on the market. If it was made on the 360 or PS3, I would be pretty excited.

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Yes, but make it for both 360 and PS3. What's not to like, twice the sales...

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I love ZOE 2 a whole damn bunch.

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Never played ZOE. I've heard good things though.

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Played ZoE. Don't want to ever play it again.

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YES!YES! HELL YES! Nothing stop's ZOE damnit.

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Never heard of it or seen, so no. I would rather him do something that I know of. It would probably be a better idea financially to put out another metal gear in these tough economic times anyway

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Have ZOE, haven't played it.

It should be on the Wii obviously.  It isn't really a question.
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Can't say I ever played Zone of the Enders, but hey, if people dig it, then do it.

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Zone of the Enders 2 is one of my all time favorite PS2 games.  The graphics blew me away at the time.  I really do hope that he does decide to make another one.

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Never played any of these games but if it's Kojima related I will definitely have to give it a try. Hopefully they'll make a new one for this gen.

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Kojima  san? 
please tell me you're Japanese...

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Playing ZOE2 right now.
Got stuck on some boss that I need to grab after retaliating... So far only managed to destroy the damn boss, which is a gameover.
That game pisses me off!
That said, I like the idea behind it, just not some of the stupid boss gimmicks.

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