Kojima's New Game... Outed?

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That sounds less appealing than I thought it would be...
Well, we'll have to see how it goes. It probably has something to do with robots and stealth, IN A TORNADO.

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The tornado is the nanomachine's Patriot :O

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AnimZero said:
"It probably has something to do with robots and stealth, IN A TORNADO."
Lol, I totally just imagined this in my head and it was freaking awesome! :p
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This will be great if I get to play as Bill Paxton.

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tornado outbreak? I haven't heard something that Japanese in a while 

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Tornados? Oh JOY!

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That sounds cool, if true.  I just love the graphics in that magazine ad.

Maybe the storm clouds are just supposed to signify Raiden (thunder and lightning in Japanese)?

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Tornado Outbreak sounds more of a Disaster Report game.

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Tornados are actually clouds of nanobots called Metal Gear Twister AKA FOXDIE-VORTEX created by the New World Order on Huge Giant Shell so that Big Boss had a means of swirling secret turncoat triple-operatives from Soviet Russia that were investigating nuclear arms deals during the Cold War in order to make sure that we're all free to create social memes in real time interactive environments through the eyes of those who've departed from this plane of existence with their ghostly screams of pain to dull out the time when all will be united for the epic battle between Solid Snake and the resurrected Otacon who fucked his stepmother and the sound of their fucking was sorta like that of a mini-tornado which give his sister the idea of creating a cloud of nanobots called Metal Gear Twister which looks like a tornado.

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Snapstacle said:
"Tornado Outbreak sounds more of a Disaster Report game."
that would be amazing
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trophyhunter said:
"Snapstacle said:
"Tornado Outbreak sounds more of a Disaster Report game."
that would be amazing "
I know right?
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If you look at the sites source code it says stuff like Next,MGS,Metal Gear.

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GDC 09:

I'm not sure but it seems familiar...
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dcpc10 said:
"I predict the next MGS game with Raiden in it, and it looks like a storm is coming in the picture, which causes lightning, which can lead to Raiden, which can lead to another MGS2-like MGS game? I kinda hope not since I find Raiden doesn't fit well in the MGS series but whatever, kojima will make it good either way."
That actually seems pretty sound, although as a character development goes the end of MGS4 seemed pretty final for him. I'm not sure what else they could do with Raiden.

I don't want a game based on the movie Twister.

The cow had nano-machines! IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!!
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The first picture in this thread's original post has Old Snake as a cloud lying down on his back and Metal Gear Solid 5 will be nothing but Raiden just after MGS2 up tp just before MGS4.

I thought this was common knowledge over the internet but apparently these pieces of news had passed you guys by without you noticing :S
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zone of enders?

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I hope its a Zone of Enders 3. A new generation of orbital frames, tech and whole new world with some of the lore of ZOE and ZOE2's epic battles. ZOE is the closest thing to a Robotech, Gundam or Armored Core game that does not suck. Having a new MGS is too early and a waste of tallent to do a MGS4 Xbox 360 port realease this late after the PS3 exclusive release.

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no no no It's not ZOE3. In MGS4 Integral podcast 10 they were only just asking people if they wanted them to make ZOE3.

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@FLStyle I only could see the time between MGS2 and MGS4 would best fit a PSP MGS Portable Ops series. You seriously think this hype is for another portable game release? ZOE3 or any new IP with the potential to to define this generation of games is more in the ball park.

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MGS4 engine with Raiden then Cyber Raiden on home consoles. ZOE3 isn't being made yet, they haven't even decided on whether they will yet.

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its a Solid Snake retirement game. where he has to stealthly sneak his way out of a nursing home. while he was trying to escape, there came a tornado....you know, just to make more interesting. thats why its called "Tornado Outbreak".

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Im interested. I would still love a new zoe game though.. get working!

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@LiveOrDie1212: don't you mean a "MSG4: Subsistence" ?

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