Kojima's next game is.....

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....Lord of Shadows?

Well, it looks so Ladies and Gentlemen because according to some Video Game Outlets a new silhouette image surfaced showing a character from Kojima's next game which looks identical to the protagonist of Lord Of Shadows. Now we all know that Mercury Steam is developing it, but it might be worth noting that Kojima did express his comfort in working with western game makers, so could this be his big reveal? Or are we just looking at a totally new character?

I'll let you decide.

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Already at least one thread about it.  He wasn't working on that Lord of Shadows before but maybe he is now.  I doubt that's the same announcement as on the 5@E3 page anyways.

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It's going to be a western localization of this.

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MattyFTM said:
It's going to be a western localization of this.

He did study Economics you know!
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I imagine the magazine is riding off of Kojima's name. If said game is true with Kojima's involvement, he might just be a producer, or at least be in a more minor role than with the Metal Gear games.
This doesn't seem like it would fit with the Kojima Productions teaser site, and a new Metal Gear game is supposed to be shown in the next PS3/PSP Famitsu, so i'd think his primary focus would be on that title, working as the director/producer/writer.

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He's actually picking up Duke Nukem Forever.

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Kojima knows (like the rest of the world) that you should always bet on Duke.
Metal Gear Nukem

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This thread is full of goddamn lies. It's clear that he's making the sequel to Princess Debut: Set 10 years in the future, anthropomorphic rabbits have caused the world to enter a post-apocalyptic state due to a virus they carry which causes people to spontaneously combust on contact. Only Sabrina can save the world through sneak ballet--where she prances from shadow to shadow at remarkable speeds in order to avoid detection from the rabbits.

In stores October 21, 2009.

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