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  Kokotoni Wilf was Elite Systems attempt to create a game greater than the almighty Jet Set Willy. While it didn't achieve that greatness it did manage to become a good platformer itself with an interesting mechanic in the form of flying.
  The game has you playing the aforementioned Kokotoni Wilf, a magician's apprentice who is given a pair of wings in order to travel to various places in time so that he can retrieve the fragments of the magician's amulet. Once you have recovered all the pieces from one time zone a time gate opens up to the next zone. The time zones Wilf travels to are in the years 965BC (which for some reason is populated with dinosaurs), 1066, 1467, 1784, 1984 and the far distant future of 2001 which has moon bases, space shuttles etc.
  Wilf is controlled simply with left, right and flap which lets Wilf fly up. Not flapping results in Wilf gently floating down to the ground. This makes avoiding the enemies who travel in simple left/right or up/down patterns a matter of keeping a constant height or traveling tsraight up/down quickly.
  An interesting competition the game was released with in the United Kingdom was that a message was displayed at the end of the game explaining why Wilf was sent to get the amulet fragments. The first 100 people who reported this message to Elite Systems were then given a free copy of their next game based on The Fall Guy tv show (which used the official license and had Lee Majors in it).

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