Konami Goes HD Collection Crazy, Announces MGS, Zone of the Enders, Silent Hill Collections

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Silent Hill 2 is my favourite game ever, that is probably the best news of E3 for me.
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@President_Barackbar said:

This seemed like a huge cop out for Konami. Rather than make something new, lets just repackage and resell old shit!

They ARE making something new. Two things actually: Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Kojima's mystery title. 
AND Silent Hill: Downpour
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yay more games I've already played

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Exciting, but where's my original MGS game in the collection?

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Peace walker on a HD console, colour me interested.

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@PandaBear said:
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@AmericanNinja said:

boooo MGS collection should be PS3 exclusive

I agree completely. I guess Kojima always has to get something wrong.   Anyway, ZOE2 and Silent Hill 2 are incredible, and all of the other games are good to great too. 
I want you people to say this out loud:  I want less people to have access to amazing games. I care only about what console these games are on, rather than the games themselves.  
I really thought we were free of these people on Giant Bomb. Oh well.
Agreed. When I was a kid I cared about SEGA vs Nintendo ... but honestly, grow up. If you wanna complain about shit like this join the PlayStation Blog or write to Official PlayStation Magazine. Petty ignorant fan boy shit.
Ahahahaha people fell for my sarcastic joke. I thought we were free of these people on earth. Oh well. My PS3 has been broken for months.   Anyway, I love pandas. 
Not wanting to start a flame war at all, but I was responding to AmericanNinja and agreeing with your point. I'm willing to be the commenter after me was in on the joke too.
Yeah, same here.
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I would have loved the HD Metal gear collection to have 1,2 and peace walker since i'll be buying 3 on the 3DS anyway. I'll buy it anyway along with the ZOE remakes.

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As much as I like the idea of HD remakes, it's hardly a "collection" if you're missing the first game in the franchise. Maybe it's just me being slightly OCD, but I want a complete HD collection, not half a collection. 
I'd understand it if they left out some of the newer games in the franchise, but not being able to play through them chronologically starting with the first one bums me out.

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Can't wait to play these.

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How will transfarring work with Zone of the Enders? Is it coming to NGP also or what? Also really unclear if Peace Walker will be a PSP remaster game or if that's a separate thing.

#161 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2100 posts) -

ZOE 2's graphics, last I checked, still hold up really well. So a 1080p version is going to be soooo good. I doubt the versus mode will have PSN/XBL support, because it would make for a nice TNT.

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So the Square Enix strategy of "hey remember when we were good? Buy old stuff from when we were good."

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ZoE in HD. Can't wait.

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You will be able to move the camera around in mgs 3 right? Like subsistence? They should make that clear, if not, then wtf. 

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So exicted for the MGS collection even though I already own the PS2 versions. 
Hopefully the contain the Substance and Subsistence extras.  Even though it controls a bit balls I still pop in Substance and play the Skateboarding extra.

#166 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1368 posts) -

Oh man. Absolutely classic mgs games and zone of the enders on my 360. Disc, achievement points, the full business. Truly, we have entered a golden age.

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Never played the first Zone of the Enders and never owned the second, but I'm looking forward to them. 
Ugh, parts of The Second Runner just suck though, like the part where you had to carry that other robot out of the factory. But then there's awesome shit, like the fight against the battlecruisers, to make up for it.

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Glad 360 players get to experience MGS.
MGS3 is my favourite, highly recommend it.

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This is officially the fucking nuts. Pretty soon I won't need to switch on my sketch-ass PS2 at all. 
As soon as the SSX HD collection is announced, I'm throwing that hulking black box out, investing in a slim and bowing to the greatest games library in the world. 

Important Note: MGS3 better be subsistence. Having played both, I refuse to go back to static cameras in that game. 

Edit: So many typos.

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Very cool news. I think ZOE will be pretty popular, getting Silent Hill 1 would have been the icing but still if they are priced right I am interested. 

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MGS collection I am still interested in but really I would have liked it MGS1 to be included, even if it meant cutting peacewalker. Also why silent hill 2 and 3, without the first one it's not really that interesting to me. 
Also I have seen some people complaining because this is coming to xbox 360 as well. That is fucking retarded.

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Prince of Persia, Sly Raccoon, Ico/shadow & now Silent Hill, Z.O.E & Metal Gear. 
The circle is almost complete, all I need now are Jak & Persona HD collections then I can finally bin my PS2.

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This is awesome news. The chance to finally play ZoE, Silent Hill 2, and since I don't have a PSP, Peace Walker! I'm a happy guy.

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I'm going to buy both in a heartbeat.

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Strange that there aren't any remastered versions of Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid. I'm kind of excited for HD remastered versions of Zone of the Enders and its sequel, though, as I haven't played either of those games.

#176 Posted by Monte (229 posts) -

That's about the biggest surprise Konami can reveal, which is pretty sad.

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Maybe the lack of a HD Metal Gear Original is the sign of something bigger and better to come!

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@ValiantGoat: This isn't coming out in November. They said it's coming out in the coming year. I suppose it could come out next November, but we don't have any way of knowing one way or the other for that. 
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The people complaining about these collections hitting 360 are ridiculous. Just as ridiculous are the people congratulating 360 owners because they finally get to play these games as though they couldn't have possibly ever owned a PS2.
Depending on the quality of the ports I might pick these up. These were some of my favorite PS2 games and playing them again in HD might be fun. $60 for two or three up-resed games might be a little steep though. The lack of MGS and Silent Hill is disappointing as well.

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@benjo_t said:
Maybe the lack of a HD Metal Gear Original is the sign of something bigger and better to come!
They haven't been done simply because they were PSOne games and can't simply be upresed into HD.  

They already did a remake on the Gamecube that brought it up to par with the others, but it wasn't handled by Kojima and was a complete disaster, which I guess is why it hasn't been included here.. I really don't see them going back and re-doing it again either.  You can already get the original on PSN and I'd be surprised if we don't see it released on XBLA at some point too, but I wouldn't expect any more than that.
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I'm kinda disapointed that the MGS pack doesn't include the first one. It kind of makes the package less valuable to me.

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@Mysour: You can buy it on psn if you want, xx
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As a Xbox 360 user im really pleased with this announcement! Sons of Liberty awaits!

#185 Posted by Vexxan (4620 posts) -

Oboy will my 360 will be pleased to here this.

#186 Posted by Shami_Sansi (27 posts) -

Hmm, I'd love the see the opinion of Raiden from the perspective of a new player who hasn't played MGS1....  
.....Yeah, They'll probably hate him too.

#187 Posted by Sammo21 (3275 posts) -

So glad we are getting a good silent hill game this generation...even if I already own 2 copies of the game...

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Having never played Mgs this is exciting.
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I was more pumped when I first read it, but I soon realized we're speaking of PC conversions, right?

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@RockAction said:
  I've been hoping to play the metal gear games in HD really wish they'd included MGS1 though, did they state why? it was updated for gamecube it wouldn't be hard; unless they're planning something bigger with it but i doubt it   still very happy to have MGS in HD
I think the game play difference is the call here...the Twin Snakes updated it...but it just did not feel the same, and the cut scenes, BAH, awful :P I would like better graphics, but leave the game play the same says I. I go back and play it, and it's so much it's own thing, MGS 2, 3 and 4 are all somewhat similar, leave the classic classic.  
That said, I have been dying to play through this series again....perhaps I will wait instead of PS2ing it out :P
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Am I the only one who thinks that "transfarring" is an engrish type mistake and they recovered by saying "uh, yeah that's a thing"?

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Since I've never played an MGS game before I am up for the HD box set.  I'm sold on that collection.  I'm going to need to see more of the ZotE set and I'm not a horror fan so I'll pass on Silent Hill.  Good stuff all around for everyone, though. 

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Include MGS 1 in that collection and it'll be a day 1 purchase for me!

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I am so happy that the Metal Gear HD Collection was announced. I would love to go back and replay the remastered versions of Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater and give Peace Walker a try (never got to play it due to not owning a PSP). With trophy support, my dreams have come true xD

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Hopefully the first will turn up on the arcade/PSN.

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I'll buy the MGS collection on day 1. Never got to play 3 or Peace Walker, and would love to play an updated version of 2.

#198 Posted by Digi7alS3lf (84 posts) -

Where's my Twin Snakes Remaster? 
FUCK Nintendo.

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I never finished MGS3 on my PS2 back in the day, ran out of time, so now I get to redo it properly. MGS3 was much better than MGS4 on PS3, I never liked MGS4, it just alienated me the more I played it. MGS2 is cool I guess, but I hate raiden, and I''ll bet once I have finished MGS3, Peace Walker will be a welcome addition. Shame no MGS1 or MGS4 in the collection for Xbox though. Imagine the value in a pack that was MGS1-4!! 

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I came Buckets when I herd about this last night.

I might even buy 2 copies for MGS HD(one for each console) bc I have Peacewalker on PSP for the transfarring, & the 360 version bc I want MGS 2, 3 & Peacewalker Achievement points.

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