Konami Press Conference Discussion Thread

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It will be streamed here at 10:30 PST and 1:30 EST. Right now it links to some poll, but it'll change later on.

#2 Posted by Winternet (8080 posts) -

The question is: do I stay up all night or do I go to sleep and maybe wake up on time to watch it?

#3 Posted by N7 (3708 posts) -
@Winternet: Are it depand on fuewer cant than againe. one mirrion troos. one. mirrion. troos. aighiaha aueyooyoyyoa. yes.
Tak Fuji will never allow me to miss another Konami conference.
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While I appreciate the enthusiasm here, the moderators are organising and managing the discussion threads for the press conferences. The Konami one will go up a little closer to showtime and will have a cool banner and everything, until then all you guys need to do is sit back and get hype.


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