Which type of koopa do you prefer?

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This is a goofy poll. Anyways, bipedal for me.

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Which one's sexier?

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I noticed that in the first Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 3 that they walked on all fours, then after Super Mario World they began walking upright and wore shoes. In Paper Mario they even had their own little civilization going. 
But then Galaxy comes along and their back on all fours. They were doing so well too. I kinda hope the next Mario has them upright again.

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@FunExplosions said:
" Which one's sexier? "
Sure, if you want to answer which is sexier go for it, but what I meant was which one do you think looks better stylistically.
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@Omega: Well, dude, I thought this whole poll was a joke. Didn't even know a quadrupedal koopa existed. If you were serious you should have added a picture of both. Getting these two took me about a minute.
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That one.
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@FunExplosions: You're completely right about that. I can't believe I didn't add any comparison pictures. I'm just going to blame the fact that its midnight here. 
Anyway, thanks for doing my work for me though.
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Bipedal for me.

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Oooohhhh, toughy.  I'll go with Bipedal.

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Bipedal of course, I mean I don't think I could use him to drive cars in mario kart otherwise.

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Bowser, the King of Koopas! 
Bowser is a great Koopa King and with his trademark fire breath attack and his incredible strength, nothing can stop him! So I pick Bipedal Koopas!

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