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Kooper is a friendly Koopa who appears most prominently in Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64. Kooper is the second character to join the user's party. In the battle screen, Kooper can use his Shell Toss to attack enemies. He also has an attack called "Power Shell", which allows him to attack all enemies on the ground. While adventuring, pressing "Down-C" will make Kooper throw himself straight forward to retrieve an item in the distance or hit a switch.

Paper Mario

Kooper helping Mario navigate the treacherous Koopa Bros. Fortress in Paper Mario.
Kooper hails from the peaceful Koopa Village. When Mario first enters Koopa Village, it is under attack by the Fuzzies, a gang of blood-sucking enemies that really make a mess of the place. As Mario goes through the town stopping the Fuzzies and helping the Koopas in the town, he discovers Kooper who has had his shell stolen by a Fuzzie. After Mario retrieves and returns Kooper's shell, Kooper tells Mario about his desire to go on adventures like his idol, Professor Kolorado.

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