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General Information

 Kishima Kouma is the man who eliminated the Nanaya clan under orders of Tohno Makihisa. He is a member of the Kishima clan, a clan which is a sub-family of the Tohnos but with much stronger demon blood running through them.  Despite being something close to a monster with no human values, he voluntarily distance himself from human society and lives as a hermit in the mountains, something that Aozaki Aoko praised him for. 
In Melty Blood, the game shows two versions of him. There is the TATARI made one, and the actual real Kouma. In all cases expect for special fights, the Kouma that is played and fought is the TATARI one.

  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 80kg 
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Blood type: A 

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