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After coming back from an errand assigned by Remilia, Sakuya returns to the mansion to find out that her mistress isn't home. Instead, she find Yukari, who gives a hint as to what happened to Remilia, vanishing right after. Following the trail left by Yukari, Sakuya stumbles upon the old ruins of the castle from the previous game's events, which had been torn down but now is mysteriously reconstructed. Venturing into the courtyard, she finds Hong Meiling, which had been kidnapped and tied down. Together, they head into the castle to find out what Yukari is planning, and what happened with their mistress, Remilia Scarlet.


Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem (紅魔城伝説Ⅱ 妖幻の鎮魂歌 (ストレンジャーズ・レクイエム) is the sequel to Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony. The game was developed and published by Frontier Aja and released on Comiket 79, December 30, 2010. It is an action adventure game for the PC. The game has gamepad support and an English translation, available for free.


The game features similar gameplay to it's predecessor. The game plays very straightforwardly: advance through stages while defeating enemies, and have a Boss encounter at the end of the stage. The game has a checkpoint system, which usually triggers in the halfway segment point between stages, and an item system, such as recovery items which will recover your HP. Losing all of your lives will force you to restart the stage.

Besides the usual assortment of attack (Z) and jump (X) abilities, the main character has several other abilities at her disposal, most being additions to this game:

  • Down + Z: Knife attack angled downwards, useful for killing shorter enemies.
  • Up + Z: Continuous knife slashes. Consumes MP with continuous use.
  • Down + X midair: Performs a kick jump downwards, which can be stacked but consumes MP in use. Can be used in-flight.
  • X in midair: Flight. The character can float and move in the air until either being hit or running out of MP. Cannot turn or use normal knife attacks, instead the rapid-knife attack will be used. However, that quickly cuts down your flight time.
  • Down + X: A backwards dodge. Pressing the attack button (Z) while doing so will prompt your character to backflip and toss two knives that ricochet off the floor.

The game also features usable items and companions you acquire as you advance through the game. The companions have abilities akin to items that are present in Castlevania games. You can use items by pressing (C) on the keyboard. You start the game with a couple of items:

  • Sakuya's Stopwatch: stops time for 5 seconds, uses 50 MP.
  • Throwing Knives: Enables you to throw three knives, each costing 1 MP. If used in midair, all knives will be thrown at once.

It is worth noting that the game features extra unlockable difficulties and stages after being finished.

There is also a scoring system present. If you meet certain criteria at the end of a stage, you will gain certain point bonuses:

  • Time: You are awarded points for clearing the stage as quickly as possible.
  • Soul: You collect souls by destroying objects in the stage or killing enemies, which in turn refill your Spirit, or MP. The more you have at the end of the stage, the bigger the bonus.
  • Life: The more HP you have at the end of the stage, the bigger the bonus.
  • No Miss Bonus: You gain a bonus if you manage to complete the stage without dying.

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