New Krater teaser trailer

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Saw this new teaser posted on the Fatshark twitter and it shows some actual gameplay, thought I would share it.

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Got to say I'm pretty excited, getting a heavy X-Com and Syndicate vibe from the video which they were aiming for. Testing is supposed to start sometime this month, there was also a pretty hilarious survey they put out asking non-swedes to answer what they thought of when asked about Sweden, Ikea and Surstromming were mentioned.

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@Gunnar: This looks really interesting and I think I may be sold on it. Thanks for posting here!

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Looks interesting. Fatshark is even offering a $10k "Victory" Edition where one of the game designers will come to your house and cook you a meal. Afterwards, he'll even play the game with you.

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I'm really enjoying this game so far. My only concern is that it doesn't seem ready for release at all. Crashing and optimization issues ahoy and they're left with very little time to iron out these bugs... :(

That said, this game is heaven for anyone who enjoyed Dawn of War 2 and thought that game could use more RPG and/or more Borderlands.

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