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Arguably the most lethal race in the Locust Horde, the Kryll are underground dwelling creatures tamed by Locust Commander, General RAAM, to protect areas late at night returning at day to their underground caverns. It is believed that the Kryll joined the Locust Horde with a promise of a food source; this food source being humans. However, the Kryll's loyalties to the Horde are not as strong as their bloodlust and they will feed on Locust Drones which stumble into the less well lit areas of Sera. Because of the extra precautions players have to take when dealing with the Kryll, they are easily one of the most interesting aspects of Gears of War, which makes it ironic and disappointing that according to the storyline, the lightmass bomb set off at the end of Gears of War wipes out their species entirely.

Appearance-wise, the Kryll have four legs, shining yellow eyes and an extremely sharp beak which they use to devour their prey within seconds, leaving only a bloodstain remaining.


The Kryll are extremely photosensitive due to the lack of light within their caves meaning that contact with a strong enough light will kill them. This is useful as it allows for safe passage through well lit areas at night and also because the Kryll appear impervious to conventional weapons. These facts make the UV turret the only hope of passing through Kryll-infested darkness safely.

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