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Kudgel is the boss of the third area of Crocodile Isle, Krem Quay, in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest on the SNES (he does not appear in the Game Boy adaptation Donkey Kong Land 2, perhaps due to system limitations, or by the combination of Krem Quay with Crocodile Cauldron and the choice to use the boss of the latter, Kleever, instead). Kudgel attacks by leaping up into the air and pounding the ground on his descent, causing a shockwave that can render Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong immobile for a brief period of time if they are on the ground when he hits. After several jumps, Kudgel lands and swings his club, then lightly hops on the ground to produce a TNT Barrel that must then be thrown at him.
His name derives from "cudgel," meaning "to club" or "to beat with a club."

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