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Kudos 2 took almost exactly a year to develop and follows the same structure as 2006's Kudos.
Take control of your created avatar through their day-to-day routine by having them complete daily tasks such as, stare at the wall, go bowling with friends, take kung-fu lessons. Each activity has an effect on many attributes, going to work stresses you out, but having a pet at home will help relax you, creating a complex life system with a simple interface.

New feature list:

Different events at work -> Each career has it's own work events that are specific to your career
Performance affects work days now, so being good at the job actually directly affects how your day goes.
Customizable avatars -> The player can choose their own avatar from tons of different combinations
Work clothes -> People with office jobs change into a suit for work, and everyone wears sunglasses if they buy them :D
New UI -> The entire user interface is reprogrammed and designed from scratch
Restaurants -> The player now chooses individual menu items, all of which affect the character in different ways
Birthday Parties -> Each year culminates in a birthday party which raises or lowers your spirits based on your popularity
Better NPC AI -> The friends have far more sophisticated AI than before, making more intelligent decisions regarding socializing
Gossip -> Friends will now gossip about events such as bands and plays and museum exhibits, tipping off the player as to when to socialize where
Personalities -> There are more personality types for friends in this game, such as extravert, honest, optimistic, persuasive
More Character AI -> Extra characteristics have been added to the players character such as optimism and extravert
New MiniGame -> The minigame for playing video games is entirely new, and the gambling game is entirely new.
Dynamic Background -> As time passes the background dynamically changes to show sunsets and stars at night.
Alcohol effect -> The background goes wobbly as you get drunk
Dynamic UI -> When it's winter the UI changes to blues and whites rather than summers warm oranges.
Widescreen support -> Final build adjusts dynamically to 1280x768 for widescreen PC's, especially laptops.
Faster game -> The game moves quicker now, with less days in a month to make the full 10 year game quicker and more activity-packed.
Positive attitude -> A lot of the games variables and content has been reworded an designed to be more upbeat and positive.

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