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Kudos: Rock Legend is a spin-off of the Kudos game. The gameplay in Rock Legend is quite similar to Kudos, but instead you live the life of a rock star.

You start the game by creating a band, naming them & hiring the members that will rock alongside you. Soon after that you'll have to start buying equipment and writing your first songs. After this you'll need to practice your music by playing a simple yet fun guitar hero style mini-game. Activities you encounter along the way are things such as publicity events, rehearsals and recording your albums.

One thing worth mentioning about the songwriting is that songs can be improved. So if you like a particular song but it lacks in inspiration, you can improve the song at a later stage when you and your band have improved. You can also buy pyrotechnics & lights for stage shows, band merch to earn money, new instruments to make you look cooler & even cd's to listen to for inspiration.

This is just some of what Kudos: Rock Legend has, it's truly a great indie game and if you enjoy the turn-based rpg or music genre then at least try the demo.

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