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A clay figure of Kumatora.
Kumatora (クマトラ) is one of the many main playable characters in Mother 3 (and the only playable female character). She is also one of the few permanent party members. Her abilities are primarily PSI attacks, ranging from weak, to the incredibly powerful PSI Starstorm (which leads some fans to believe she is a descendant of Poo, the only other person known to have the PSI Starstorm ability). Kumatora has an interesting personality (very unlike the series' previous female characters, Paula Polestar and Ana); she is a tomboy with a quick temper, occasionally rude, and impatient (although she has shown kindness in times of danger). In the Mother 3 Fan Translation, Kumatora even occasionally curses (albeit minor swear words). The reason that Kumatora has more tomboy attitudes is likely because she was raised by the Magypsy Ionia.

Kumatora is a resident of Osohe Castle, which is where Duster and Wess first find her. After the three of them escape, they all get separated. Kumatora ends up at Club Titiboo, working as a waitress under the name Violet (probably the most feminine thing about her that happens in the game). Incidentally, Duster also ends up at Club Titiboo (although he has amnesia) as the bassist in DCMC, named Lucky. After encountering Lucas and Boney at Club Titiboo, Kumatora joins him and stays in his party for the rest of game. Unlike Paula and Ana, however, Kumatora shows almost no feelings towards Lucas (the equivalent of Ninten and Ness in the previous games).

Kumatora is also one of the many stickers in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The sticker gives 11 in PK attacks to Ness and Lucas.

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