Reviews of my Xbox 360 games - Part 1 Kung Fu Panda

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Decided to review all my current 360 games but to keep them all personal instead of putting them on the review pages if you know what I mean. So I start with a game I got free with a controller so wasn't too fussed.
Kung Fu Panda follows a lot of movie tie in games on the basis that you go around platforming, collecting things and doing simple combat. But what Kung Fu Panda does well is that it makes the game fun. Okay it's not a quality game buy any stretch of the imagination, but it's funny and has the feel of the movie that makes the game enjoyable at times. The best part about this game is the local multiplayer stuff. I had loads of laughs just doing a simple brawl for half an hour. Other games may do this better but for a game like this to achieve a reasonable multiplay is impressive. It is far too easy though, when I play any game, I do expect some challenge (granted, I may have chosen the wrong game to want this one). But Kung Fu Panda is enjoyable enough to play through. 
So a fun and charming platformer with fun multiplayer modes but recycled ideas and far too straightforward. 6/10
Expect more reviews of my Xbox games in the coming week. Thanks for reading (if you did that is).

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Jack Black was Kung Fu Panda.  Jack Black is in Brutal Legend.  Conclusion?  Brutal Legend will be as good as Kung Fu Panda. 
Oh and as to your review, spend some time reviewing games people care about.
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You don't need to post a thread to review games, this is just clutter. Go to the game page and write your review there... and possibly take some time writing a considerably thoughtful one rather than this rushed paragraph.

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