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Kyatto Ninden Teyandee is an action game developed and published by Tecmo for the Famicom in Japan in 1991.


Kyatto Ninden Teyandee is a sidescrolling action/platformer.


  • D Pad - The D-Pad controls the players characters physical movements.
  • Start - The start button will pause the game and allow the player to choose one of the other characters to play as.
  • A Button - The A button is used to jump.
  • B Button - The B button is used to make an attack.
  • Up + B Button - Up + the B button will allow the player to use a special attack.

There are a total of 11 different stages in the game, each ending with an end boss. Some areas of each levels can only be reached by using the special attributes of the helper characters, which the player can switch to at any time.

Special Attacks

The Ninpo Meter

Each character has a series of special attacks. Special attacks use the Ninpo meter. The Ninpo meter will deplete a little each time a special attack is used. In order to use stronger special attacks, Ninpo upgrade items must be attained.

Ninpo Attack Power Level

In the very bottom left of the screen the player has an indicator which tells which power level the players special attack is. When the player collects upgrade items the power of the special Ninpo attacks will increase. There are a total of three power levels.


Heart Meter

The players health is represented by five pink hearts. as the player gets hurt, the hearts will deplete and turn black. Hearts can be re-filled by collecting either heart items or a Cat's Paw. Some enemies in the game will drain an entire heart, while some will only drain a half heart.

Help Power

Helper Meter

There is a help meter that keeps track of how much help power the player has remaining. The help power is used up when the player is playing as one of the helper characters and using the characters special ability.


There are six different items that can be collected while playing the game.

Heart Pick Up
  • Heart - The heart item will restore one heart point of health when collected.
  • Cat's Paw - The Cat's Paw item will re-fill all the empty heart points.
  • Bell - The Bell pick up will restore all of the helper energy.
  • Flying Egg - The Flying Egg will contain one of the other items at random.
  • Upgrade - The upgrade item will upgrade the players Ninpo to a stronger attack.
  • Ninpo Scroll - The Ninpo Scroll will refill the players Ninpo Meter completely.


Before each level the player can choose from three different characters. There are also four different helper characters that can be used to help the player progress through certain situations.

Playable Characters


  • Weapon - Sword

Special Attacks:

  • Throwing Star - Yattaro will throw a shuriken across the screen.
  • Fire Balls - Three fire balls will be thrown, one will be straight ahead, one will be diagonal and down, and the other will be diagonal and up.
  • Cat Eye Slash - Will fire a giant arcing wall of energy across the screen after charging it up.


  • Weapon - Umbrella

Special Attacks

  • Shuriken - Sukashii will throw a shuriken across the screen.
  • Umbrella Spin - Sukashii will throw the umbrella weapon a short distance which will then return.
  • Burning Blade - Sukashii will use a sword to fire a small arcing wave of energy after charging it up.


  • Weapon - Claws

Special Attacks

  • Heart Dart - Pururon will throw a heart shuriken across the screen.
  • Boomerang - Pururon will fire a 45 degree energy blast across the screen which will then come back.
  • Heart Break - Pururon will fire two arcing waves of energy after charging up.

Helper Characters


  • Special Ability - Rikinoshin can break through otherwise unpassable boulders. In order to destroy the boulders the player needs to be moving against the boulders and press the attack button.

Special Attacks

  • Shuriken - A shuriken will be thrown across the screen.
  • Cannon - The cannon ability will shoot three cannon balls at the same time. One will fire at an angle upwards, another will fire straight ahead, and the last will fire at an angle downwards.
  • Reign of Fire - Rikinoshin will fire a giant fire ball into the air which will then rain down as multiple smaller fireballs.


  • Special Ability - Mietol can fly if the player presses and holds the jump button.

Special Attacks

  • Shuriken - Mietol can throw a pink colored shuriken across the screen.
  • Steel Bird - Mietol will throw a metal bird across the screen that will take out the enemies.
  • Cyclone - Mietol will fire three rotating bubbles that will fan out across the screen and damage enemies.


  • Special Ability - Nekkee can swim better than all the other characters in the game.

Special Attacks

  • Shuriken - Nekkee will throw a green colored shuriken across the screen.
  • Hydro Cannon - Nekkee's Hydro Cannon fires in the same manner as
    Rikinoshin's cannon, except instead of cannonballs it shoots balls of water.
  • Ricochet Disk - Nekkee will throw a disk which will bounce off of the walls for a certain amount of time. The disk will damage any enemies it touches.


  • Special Ability - Gotton can dig through any of the soft soil in the game. The player must press the D-Pad in the direction of the soil and Gotton will dig in it.

Special Attacks

  • Shuriken - Gotton will throw an orange colored shuriken across the screen.
  • Saw Blades - Gotton will throw a saw blade that will travel across the entire screen, defeating any enemies in the way.
  • Spin Attack - Gotton will spin and fire arcing energy bolts.

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