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Kyou is the older twin sister of Ryou. She has a pet wild boar named Botan. The difference between Kyou and Ryou is that Kyou has longer hair, purple eyes, and her hair ornament is attached to her left lock of hair.

Kyou proved to be an amazing cook and she is famous for her pork cutlet. She also rides a scooter to school which is only known to Ryou, and later Tomoya. Kyou also has the special ability to pull dictionaries out of nowhere and throw them with deadly strength, distance, and precision. The dictionaries she throws could crack concrete and cement and it could embed itself into walls and the floor. On the other hand, Tomoya has the special ability to instinctively dodge her missiles.

Kyou later revealed that she wished to become a kindergarten teacher. She is also incredibly popular among the first and second year female students.


Kyou and her white scooter

The earliest that Kyou can be seen is if Tomoya apologized for ignoring Ryou near the beginning of the story. Ryou offered to divine Tomoya's fortune and he woke up early for school the next day. Kyou was surprised to see Tomoya up so early and she delivered Ryou's lunch that she left behind. Ryou explained that Kyou arrived at school on time even though she woke up later than Ryou.

The next day, Kyou rode a scooter to school and rammed Tomoya with it. She explained that she recently received her license a week ago and she saved her money to buy the scooter. Tomoya threatened to reveal to his class that she rides a scooter but Kyou silenced him because it was illegal for students to ride personally-owned motorized vehicles to school.

That Saturday, Tomoya and Youhei discovered Botan at the school gates. Kyou ordered Tomoya to escort Botan to her home. Tomoya lost sight of it and returned to school, fearful of Kyou's wrath. He avoided Kyou for the rest of the day. On Monday, Tomoya woke up late for school. Kyou tried to ram Tomoya again. If Tomoya jumped to the right, he avoids her and she rams Kappei instead then runs off. If Tomoya gets hit, Kyou asked about Botan. Tomoya explained that he lost it and they walked to school together.

The following day, Tomoya and Youhei found Botan at the school gates again. Tomoya bullied Botan and Kyou threw a dictionary at him from the window of her class. Ryou approached them and requested for Tomoya and Youhei to return to class and Kyou requested Tomoya to bring Botan to his class. If Tomoya accepts, Botan farted in class. Kyou bought a juice milkshake for Tomoya to thank him.

Tomoyo's path

Kyou heard that Tomoyo was running for student council president and about the rumors regarding her legendary strength. She challenged Tomoyo to a duel but Tomoyo refused to fight back stating that she had turned over a new leaf.

Kotomi's path

Kyou was the second friend who Tomoya introduced to Kotomi. Kyou explained that friendship is not given but made. She gave Kotomi her name anyway. Later when Kyou met Kotomi again, she noted Kotomi's ample assets and enjoyed groping her.

Once they started hanging out at the drama club room. Kyou started training Kotomi in the art of manzai comedic routine. Eventually she gave up. Kyou also noticed that Kotomi liked Tomoya.

Kappei's path

Ryou revealed that Kyou enjoys reading yaoi (gay) manga.

Fujibayashi Twins' path

Kyou wanted pair Ryou up with Tomoya.

Lunch with Kyou and Ryou

Kyou confided in Tomoya and explained that the soccer club captain requested her to deliver a love letter to Ryou. She threw the letter away and revealed that Ryou was interested in Tomoya. The next day, Kyou made lunch for Tomoya and sent him to have lunch with Ryou. Ryou ate a grain of rice she took from Tomoya's mouth and she ran away embarrassed. Kyou assumed that he did something bad to her and threw a dictionary at him.

The next day, she sent Tomoya to meet Ryou at the school gates. They then went on a date in town. Kyou later mentioned that she was spying on their date. Kyou revealed that she received love letters from 8 junior girls and delivered Ryou's love letter to Tomoya.

On Monday, Kyou asked if Tomoya prefers long or short hair. If the player chooses long hair, Ryou decides to grow out her hair. If the player chooses short hair, Ryou will be happy. The next day, Tomoya, Kyou, and Ryou spent the day in town.

2 days later, Ryou made her first attempt at cooking. Botan tasted it and fell ill. Kyou gave Botan to Tomoya. Later, Kyou told Ryou to be more expressive and pushed her to go on a date with Tomoya during the school break.

That Saturday, Tomoya met Kyou in town with Botan. Kyou explained Botan's antagonistic relationship with Ryou and 4 of Botan's 7 skills. She also bought a set of tarot cards as Tomoya's gift for Ryou. Kyou then brought Tomoya to the field where she picked up Botan and requested to practice kissing. The next day, Tomoya decided to buy a pendant as a gift.

The next day, Tomoya went on a date with Ryou. He forgot to bring the pendant and delivered the tarot cards to her. She tried divining his fortune and it proved to be amazingly accurate.

Ryou's path

Tomoya bought the Tanzanite pendant. Kyou reported to Tomoya that people saw him kissing Ryou at the game center and rumors started to spread.

Kyou's path

Tomoya bought the Amethyst pendant. Rumors started to spread saying that Tomoya liked Kyou. Ryou started mixing with her classmates more and became more expressive. Kyou started avoiding Tomoya. The next day, Kyou wanted to squelch the rumors by confessing her feelings to Youhei. Youhei was initially excited but later suspected that she actually liked Tomoya. Witnessing that, Tomoya started to question if he truly liked Ryou.

The next day, Tomoya found Kyou waiting for him at the school gates. Kyou dismissed Youhei's words and insisted that Tomoya go with Ryou. Tomoya experienced a conflict in emotions.

Tomoya had a dream of being with Kyou and leaving Ryou sad. Ryou made lunch and Tomoya noticed that Kyou made the pork cutlet in their lunch. Tomoya ran after Kyou and praised her pork cutlet but she avoided him.

Kyou and Tomoya in the rain

That Sunday during the School Founder's Day, Ryou kissed Tomoya. Tomoya noticed Kyou witnessing them and she ran away crying. That Tuesday, Kyou went home during lunch and it rained. Botan led Tomoya to the park where Kyou was standing in the rain. Kyou confessed her feelings for Tomoya and revealed that she suffered greatly as she tried to fulfill her duty as Ryou's sister while suppressing her own feelings for Tomoya. Tomoya confessed his feelings for Kyou as well and he wasn't sure about the right thing to do.

Kyou then returned home and discussed her feelings with Ryou.

2 days later, Ryou's classmates requested her to divine Tomoya's fortune using the tarot cards. All 7 cards gave an unfavorable result and portrayed a frightfully accurate representation of his relationship with Ryou and Kyou. Ryou advised Tomoya to be true to his feelings and Kyou admitted that Ryou's divination was accurate.

Tomoya reflected on his feelings regarding the twins and Youhei advised him to settle the matter quickly and decisively.

Tomoya met Kyou at school. He asked what she would do if he were to break up with Ryou and Kyou explained that she will be furious. Tomoya met Ryou after school and she revealed that she knew about Kyou's feelings for Tomoya but she requested Kyou's help to pair her up with Tomoya anyway. She confessed that she felt guilty about her selfishness and that she wanted to be like Kyou. Tomoya snapped; he couldn't bear to lie anymore and rushed to Youhei's dorm room.

Kyou with short hair kissing Tomoya

A rugby player told Tomoya that Ryou wanted to see Tomoya at school. It was actually Kyou who had cut her hair short and removed her hair ornament. Tomoya assumed she was Ryou and expressed his guilt for not telling her his true feelings and apologized for making both sisters suffer. Kyou then jumped into his arms and kissed him. Tomoya tried to push her away to maintain his resolve and Kyou revealed her identity and she was overjoyed by Tomoya's confession. She explained that Ryou had surrendered Tomoya to her and she confessed her feelings for Tomoya.

Ryou later met Tomoya and thanked him for their limited time together. Some time later, Kyou revealed that Ryou had met her boyfriend at the hospital that she was working at. Kyou remembered that Tomoya liked long hair and she wanted to grow her hair out.

After Story

Kyou became a kindergarten teacher and Botan was the kindergarten pet. Kyou was Ushio's teacher and she reported to Tomoya that Ushio was a good girl.

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