Amazing PC version.. but..

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It's a really great game now and most of the frustrating parts from the orginial seems to be gone which is great.

But there's a pretty great issue with the game, seems like the save feature breaks after about an hour of gameplay for me. Loosing all progress and forcing me to reinstall the game, the saves are intact when reinstalling but it's totaly broken and it's heartbreaking taking down a boss when you discover you can't save your progress...

Anyone else playing that got the same problem?

it's a really the best version of La Mulana without a doubt with fine tuned difficulty and really refined controls. Hope this game doesn't go under the radar to much..

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Found the solution, you gotta run it in compability mode for xp or administrive for win 7, really lame when this game is just released..

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Yeah, I ran into the same problem and came up with the same solution. It took me a while to figure it out, because at first I thought it was related to running it through the Steam launcher. Hopefully they can patch it or at least note the issue in the readme file for people who get it later.

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