La-Mulana Arrives On Steam Greenlight!

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Now that Steam Greenlight is (mostly) filled with legitimate games I decided to do some hunting for Indie "Darlings" that had yet to appear on the service. Lo-and-behold the first game I searched for turned up a direct hit, and having skimmed through the Engrish synopsis and knowing that Steam has introduced an initial fee to display on Greenlight I'm taking that as good enough confirmation that this is the real-deal.

Here's the link to the Greenlight page. Currently the game is only at 3% of it's required positive rating. I've actually held off of buying this game, in the hopes that it would arrive on Steam one day(Honestly? Because Steam has spoiled the shit out of me with it's ability to remember the games I own better than I do). If the process fails, however, I'll take it as a sign to run over to the dev's website and buy the game.

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Already voted for it a couple of days ago.

You can also verify its legitness by checking who submitted it, btw.

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Arise thread! La-Mulana was selected for release on Steam through Greenlight last week. Hurah!

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