La-Mulana coming to a PC near you on July 13, 2012!

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It's been a long time coming ...

The western release of Nigoro's La-Mulana remake (which had its WiiWare release canceled by publisher Nicalis after trouble getting the game through certification) will finally see the light of day! It's coming on July 13 sadly not via steam but some kind of new indie-focused website called Playism (

'Tis the remake-of-once-freeware-PC-game-about-spelunking-summer-season! :D

Anyone got bit by the Spelunky bug and going to pickt this up?

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I saw a friend playing the beta of this on Steam yesterday, don't think it was listed as a "non-steam game" either.
Edit: Nevermind, it is a Non-Steam game, thought it said that when you mouse over but apparently it only does in friends list where it is indeed a non steam game.

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I happened to be awake when the email notification went out last night so I picked it up immediately. Being very familiar with the original, I'm already quite pleased with the updates they've made, especially in the areas of general usability (what is my objective here) and readability of the environment (oh, this action caused this to happen). I was also pleased to find that they designed the game to easily allow you to apply custom sprite swaps and soundtrack mixes.

One point to note is that the beautiful PDF instruction manual isn't included in the download, and you'll have to go get that separately. I would call it required reading for anyone who hasn't played a good deal of the original.

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Looks great, but honestly "" sounds so scammy, lol. It was one of those moments where I had to take a second glance at your level/post count just to be sure before I clicked.

Cool, though.

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I'm also having trouble with the idea of buying it from this weird new start-up site. I get that these guys are somewhat disconnected from the English audiences, given that they mostly communicate through badly translated Japanese. So they might not know the best way to sell to English audiences, which I guess is why they picked WiiWare in the first place.

But come on. Steam. It's how you do things. There's no reason to invent a whole new sketchy indie site with 10 games on it, half of which are already on Steam. I want to give you money for this game.

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Yeah, I mean, the problems with getting through cert, combined with this sketchy-assed digital distribution site means I will not be picking this game up. Just too many red flags.

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I bought it playism worked great and I got a DRM free version of the game. Green flag from me.

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It's basically like buying any game directly from the developer's site.

That said, I'd prefer a GoG or Steam version as well (I'd even take the WiiWare version) simply because I like to have games centralized in one location/service.

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@Deathpooky said:

But come on. Steam. It's how you do things. There's no reason to invent a whole new sketchy indie site with 10 games on it, half of which are already on Steam. I want to give you money for this game.

Agreed. For what it's worth, the developers have a blog post from last month where they specifically addressed some of the questions surrounding Playism vs Steam for their release platform.

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I bought this a few days ago, no hassles with playism. Incredible title, really hope more people check it out. Tempted to grab the soundtrack.

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Chiming in to say that I also bought it and everything worked fine! The site uses PayPal, so you don't actually give them your card number. Game works and plays great! Also it's DRM-free.

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Definitely buying this. Would still like to see it released on console later.

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