How long is it?

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I am waiting for la noire and was wondering how long dies it take to wrap up the main story line? Thanks

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I think it took me around 15-20 hours. There are 21 or 23 cases and they start of fairly short and easy but eventually I was taking an hour or two for each one.

One thing you don't want to do is start a case and stop part way through. If you're going to start a case make sure you have enough time to finish it because coming back to it later will be more difficult because of the details you've forgotten.

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A general Discussion on "how long is it". YAY..

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@ChinaDontCare said:

A general Discussion on "how long is it". YAY..

Hey man, China don't care.

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About 6 inches on a good day.

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60-90 years.

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1 penis joke so far. Color me disappointed!!

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Real long, girl.

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She said it was eight and a half inches. If you going to ask for the playing time duration, you should have gone to L.A Noir forum page.

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