Pre-order DLC Giveaway?! (PS3)

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EDIT: Guess I should mention what the DLC is, lol. One code for the Broderick's Suit DLC, and one for the Consul's Car DLC.

Well, selling my copy of LA NOIRE for the PS3. When I bought it and first played through it, the PSN store was still down, so I was unable to redeem my codes for the pre order DLC stuff. Beat the game before the outage ended, never really had any interest in replaying it. Don't want to just throw them away, not gonna give them to Amazon, so I figure someone out there might want them.

Convince me why I should give this bullshit to YOU, if you want it. A donation of a million dollars to me would be nice, but I guess MS Paint pictures would work too? I dunno.

Anyway, not really a definitive ending time on this, a day or two, maybe? Whenever I check into my account, I guess. Or think someone deserves winning.

So, good luck?

Over and out,


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I was the only one who gave Gleezle Glurp a positive review.

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That's not a contest entry, by the way.

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@iDarktread said:

LOL THAT PICTURE That's not a contest entry, by the way.

This one's pretty good, too.

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@InfamousBIG: Yeah, I put "dorkly la noire" into Google, and saw that one as well. 
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this looks fun! would give it a shot, but i already got the pass....but looks fun, looking forward to see what people come up with lol

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