Reefer Madness *Possible Spoilers*

#1 Posted by MattBosten (497 posts) -

Have to say I'm very happy that we're going to be getting more DLC after the most recent case. Found Reefer Madness to be slightly disappointing in terms of length. Felt way too short and featured little of the best parts of L.A. Noire (Interviews), can see why it was cut from the final product. Can only hope future cases are more substantial.

#2 Posted by Scarz09 (146 posts) -

I thought it was really short and disappointing.
#3 Posted by SamFo (1528 posts) -

i liked the shorter more focused DLC cases!

#4 Posted by stoydell (58 posts) -

I thought it was short, boring, had a crappy ending, and didn't feel as imperative as any of the other missions featured in the game, even Nicholson Electroplating. I hope the content we see in the future is better in all of those locations.

#5 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

It made me really want soup.

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