doesnoevil's L.A. Noire (PlayStation 3) review

Good, but not for everyone

Definitely not a game for everyone as I've read many disqualifying it for not being "GTA or RDR in 1940s L.A." or for being like a point and click adventure (as if those were bad) when it totally isn't the case with this game.

I think it's unfair to rate this game low just because it isn't what they wanted it to be instead of judging it for what it is. I very much enjoyed it and even though the gunplay and driving needed some polish, it more than makes up for it with excellent atmosphere and great voice and "facial" acting.

Interrogations are great and there are terrible liars (to the point of silly face expressions) and excellent liars that can only be beaten through logic and deduction, the only thing is sometimes I would've preferred to select dialog choices instead of the Truth, Doubt, Lie system.

The story is very much a film noire affair, complex and intricate but not many twists or surprises. It's true the cases don't branch or fork the story differently depending on whether you succeed or fail but i think that would be something far too complicated considering these things have to be scripted, recorded (acted would be more accurate considering the face tech) and meshed into a coherent storyline, so... to the haters: Please... curb your expectations into the reality of what's involved in the creation of these experiences, then you can get a better appreciation for the great work that Rockstar and Team Bondi did with this title.


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