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The Labyrinth of Amala is an optional dungeon included in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Not included in the original Japanese release, the dungeon was added for the Maniacs edition of the game that was also used for the international release. The dungeon is divided into five Kalpas, and the possession of the proper candelabra is required to enter each one. These candelabra are acquired by defeating Fiends in boss fights that, aside from the battle with the Matador, are optional. Events in the dungeon also shed light on certain aspects of the storyline that would otherwise go unlearned. Completion of the Labyrinth of Amala's five Kalpas grants access to the game's "True Demon" ending, in which the Demi-Fiend's defeat of Kagutsuchi prevents the world from being reborn. In order to attain this ending, the player must also defeat Lucifer in battle at the end of the game in addition to the normal final boss, Kagutsuchi.

In the Fifth Kalpa, Dante appears once again and can be recruited by the player; the cost to recruit him is determined by a coin toss. Also, if the player has a demon with the first, forcibly-joined Pixie as part of its fusion bloodline, or still somehow has that Pixie in their party, the Fifth Kalpa also contains a special event in which the demon will transform into a level 80 Pixie with 30 points in every stat and high-level skills like Megidolaon.

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