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The Best Game to Utilize the Tilt Controls of the iPhone

Labyrinth is one of the few good games in the iTunes App Store.  It is an iPhone version of the "ball maze" novelty games that many of us played as a child at some point.  In these games, the goal was to move a tiny metallic ball across a maze of holes and walls into a partially filled hole that would hold the ball.  The same concept applies to Labyrinth.  This results in nostalgia to some degree. 
However, Labyrinth really shines when it comes to its controls.  Moving the onscreen ball is a simple task of gently tilting your iPhone.  This may sound like a simple accomplishment, but in a mountain of crappy games in the App Store, Labyrinth's tilt controls stand out.  Most games require you to turn your whole iPhone onto its side just to move something an inch.  But Labyrinth the controls are calibrated so well that you do not have this problem.
Therefore, Labyrinth is an enjoyable game that is easy play.


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