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Lady Frumperton's Fashions is a clothes shop that has no marker on the map and is one of the few interactable 'non-quest' buildings to be found in the Capital Wasteland. Lady Frumperton's Fashions was most likely not a multi-store franchise before the Great War and because of that it is unlikely to appear outside of Fallout 3.


The clothes shop is located between the Dupont Central and Dupont East Station.
Literally walk out into Dupont East and as the screenshot shows its the first building on your left.


Before the bombs hit, Lady Frumpertons was - as expected - a clothes supplier. It is primarily more geared towards female clientele.


The building only has one floor and it is relatively small in size. Inside the store there is a safe, the desk containing that safe and the cash register, and a whole load of shop dummies.

Loot and items

There's not all that much in the way of loot or notable items to be found in the store: 

  • 1 hackable terminal which opens the safe
  • Safe contains prewar money, a scoped magnum and some ammunition
  • Theres a copy of "Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor" which will increase your Barter skill, on top of the locked safe
  • There is a large amount of Pre-War clothes in the store
  • There are also a large amount of glasses available in the store

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