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Lady Kikka is a tree spirit from Saiyuki: Journey West. She's the leader of a group of dryads that live at a place called Cherry Plains. When Sanzo and friends first meet her she's under attack by several monsters, first in the real world and second in a strange dream world. She's gentle in nature and is easily bothered by children in danger or grotesque ideas like gathering up human livers. Kikka joins Sanzo's journey to India in order to repay him for saving her life.


Kikka is aligned with the element of life and can act as a healer if Sanzo is not filling that role. She's one of the few ranged party members in the game and uses a bow and arrow as her weapon. Upgrading her bow increases her range, and it works to offset her slow speed and low movement. Her special ability is a charm arrow that can turn an enemy into an ally for a few turns. When she transforms she uses her true form, the Butterfly Queen. Wings allow her to fly around the map and easily bypass enemies. Her special attacks in this form are area attacks that have a chance to charm enemies in the same way her special ability does.

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