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Lady Vox

Lady Vox, an ice dragon formerly of the Ring of Scale, resides in the deepest depths of the ice in Permafrost Keep. The stories heard in the taverns of Halas state that she was exiled centuries ago by her kin for attempting to mate with a dragon of a different color. Armies comprised of both good and evil adventurers have banded together on countless occasions in attempts to slay the mighty ice dragon, but few have returned. Those few to survive her lair return with some of Norrath's richest treasures, but also with horror stories of friends encased in ice for eternity or slaughtered by massive bears after falling to Vox's traps.


Frost Breath

Lady Vox, along with Lord Nagafen, Phinigel Autropos, and the Avatar of Fear, is one of the four original raid encounters in EverQuest. Not long after the release of the game's first expansion, The Ruins of Kunark, the rules of this encounter were changed by Verant. Since the level cap had increased from 50 to 60, Lord Nagafen wasn't as tough to defeat as he was before. So, the developers decided to institute a limit that kept anyone over level 52 from attacking Nagafen. This was done to help make sure there was challenging content for players who had not yet reached max level.




  • Dragon Roar (AE Fear)
  • Frost Breath (AE Ice)
  • Summon


  • Nagafen
  • Vox

Opposing Factions

  • Ring of Scale

Related Quests


  • Block of Permafrost
  • Blue Diamond
  • Crystalline Spear
  • Dragon Bone Bracelet
  • Glinting Shard
  • Kavruul's Mystic Pouch
  • McVaxius` Horn of War
  • Runed Bolster Belt
  • Spell: Ice Comet
  • Tobrin's Mystical Pouch
  • Torn, Frost covered book
  • Warhammer of Divine Grace
  • White Dragon Hide
  • White Dragon Scales

EverQuest: Seeds of Destruction

Vox's Loot

In EverQuest: Seeds of Destruction, players can accept "Ancient Heroes" quests that take them to past encounters, now with challenge ratcheted up to match the skill level of more powerful characters.

The Lady Vox encounter is started by speaking to a dwarf named Old Man Mackenzie in the Plane of Knowledge. The loot that this version of Lady Vox drops is mostly identical in name to the original, but the stats on said items are equivalent to top tier items found in the Seeds of Destruction era of the game. When Vox is defeated, a chest appears containing two of the following loot items.

  • Cold Iron Shield
  • Crystalline Spear
  • Dragon Bone Bracelet
  • Eye of Vox
  • Frozen Circlet
  • Goblin Frost Totem
  • Jagged Shard of Permafrost
  • McKenzie's Special Brew
  • McVaxius` Horn of War
  • Runed Bolster Belt
  • Scimitar of the Mistwalker
  • Silvery Trinket
  • Staff of Forbidden Rites
  • Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch
  • Warhammer of Divine Grace
  • White Dragon Scale
  • White Dragonscale Cloak

EverQuest: House of Thule

Vox in House of Thule

In EverQuest: House of Thule, there was a period of time when all of Permafrost Keep increased in level to challenge level 90 players. Here, Lady Vox is exponentially more powerful and uses different abilities than before including being assisted by a small army of frost spiders and ice goblins throughout the encounter.

Similar to the Seeds of Destruction encounter, Vox's loot is identical in name to the original version, but has been upped in power once again.


  • Frigid Fright (Fear-based DD Spell)
  • Frost Flame (Directional Ice Spell)
  • Ice Shock (Single-target mez and mana drain)
  • Tail Lash (Directional area attack)


  • Crystalline Spear
  • Dragon Bone Bracelet
  • Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch
  • McVaxius` Horn of War
  • Runed Bolster Belt
  • Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch
  • Warhammer of Divine Grace
  • White Dragonscale Cloak

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