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Lakelurks are snapping turtles that have been mutated into their current state by the radiation. Lakelurks are generally found in or around Lake Mead and are also usually traveling in packs. Lakelurks will attack from long distances.


There are only two versions of the Lakelurk found in Fallout: New Vegas, the standard Lakelurk and the Lakelurk King.


A Normal Lakelurk

This is the normally encountered version of the Lakelurk. These Lakelurk appear a darker green than the Lakelurk king.

Lakelurk King

The King Lakelurk Variant

The Lakelurk King is a unique version of the normal Lakelurk. The King Lakelurk is a stronger and faster version of the Lakelurk. This version is also lighter in appearance than the normal Lakelurk.

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