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Lance Amano, son of Ernest, appears in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth in the third episode, "The Kidnapped Turnabout". He is kidnapped and held to a ransom of one million dollars. Lance later escapes after the money is paid.

Involvement in The Kidnapped Turnabout

Because Lance Amano was in debt trouble, he devises his own kidnapping to extort ransom money from his father. Lauren Paups, his girlfriend, and Oliver Deacon, the family butler, are also involved. Amano and Deacon wait at the haunted house, the drop-off point, but just moments after Miles Edgeworth drops the money, the plan goes awry when Deacon turns on Amano, and Amano shoots him in self-defense.
Amano then tries to shift the blame onto Paups. He stages a set-up at the stadium in which he wears the Bad Badger head to imitate Deacon and pretends to be fatally shot when she fires a blank at him, fearing for her own life. Amano then confesses everything to his father and gives the money back. His father, Ernest, reacts by doing all he can to protect his son, and buys the haunted house using the ransom money. When Edgeworth tries to investigate the haunted house, Ernest denies him access.

However, despite his and his father's attempts to pin the crime on Paups, Lance confesses to the murder when Edgeworth manages to prove his true involvement behind all of this.

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