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While a sphere in many sandbox games would look like the one on the left, the tools in Landmark are detailed enough to create the sphere on the right.

Landmark is a free-to-play online sandbox creation game by Sony Online Entertainment, tied to (but distinct from) the studio's upcoming MMORPG EverQuest Next. It allows players to claim a plot of land and create a variety of structures, items, and other objects. Players will discover recipes for crafting a large selection of items, as well as being able to create their own architecture with in-game editing tools, and will be able to sell their creations in SOE's Player Studio for real-world money. If one player buys another player's item, then modifies it and sells it again, the original player will earn royalties for having created the original item. The concepts of Landmark are similar to Minecraft in many ways, although the level of detail allowed by its creation tools is much higher.

The game is divided into worlds, in most of which players are free to create whatever the game's tools allow, but there are some themed worlds that restrict users to theme-appropriate creations. Most notably, there will be Norrath-themed worlds, which will only allow players to create things that would fit thematically into the world of EverQuest Next. Some of these creations will be picked by SOE developers to appear in EQ Next. SOE promises there will be many player-built items in EverQuest Next at launch.


After a couple months of a closed alpha phase in early 2014, SOE launched the closed beta on March 24, 2014. With the launch of the beta, the name of the game was officially changed from "EverQuest Next Landmark" to simply "Landmark." Dave Georgeson explained that the name change was due to the fact that the name "EverQuest" evokes a fantasy setting, but Landmark aims to encompass other types of settings as well.

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