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107666 Marino Game Overview 05/19/14 03:34PM 16 Approved
96307 Marino Game Overview 03/27/14 07:34AM 35 Approved
93992 Marino Game Overview 03/17/14 05:49PM 16 Approved
93991 Marino Game Releases 03/17/14 05:49PM 15 Approved
84326 ObjectiveCaio Game Overview Confirmed for PS4 ( 01/26/14 03:19AM 3 Approved
68923 StoicGaming Game Overview 11/16/13 06:12PM 12 Denied
67436 ObjectiveCaio Game Overview The API is returning October 1 2013 as the release date. This game is scheduled for a Winter release, and the beta hasn't even started yet. It's probably not coming out this year, so Q1 2014 is a more apropriate date. Plus the change should fix the wrong date the API is giving out. 11/07/13 05:42PM 8 Approved
62122 ObjectiveCaio Game Overview API is returning the original release date of October 1 2013, when it should only return the expected release date of Q4 2013. Trying to fix it by resetting the release date. 10/11/13 07:18AM 1 Approved
61586 ObjectiveCaio New Release 10/08/13 12:34PM 7 Approved
59482 Marino Game Overview 09/26/13 08:34PM 2 Approved
51765 Marino Game Overview 08/22/13 02:26PM 14 Approved
47102 Marino Game Overview 08/02/13 05:11PM 7 Approved
47099 Marino Game Overview 08/02/13 05:07PM 12 Approved
47098 Marino Game Overview 08/02/13 04:58PM 170 Approved
47095 Marino Game Overview 08/02/13 04:46PM 15 Approved
47024 Marino Game Overview 08/02/13 01:20PM 17 Approved
47023 Marino Game Overview 08/02/13 01:20PM 20 Approved
47022 Marino Game Overview 08/02/13 01:13PM 33 Approved
47021 Marino Game Overview . 08/02/13 01:11PM 10 Approved

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