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Lani is a boss fought in Final Fantasy IX. She is a mercenary for hire, known for her high success rates and use of a massive axe to get her jobs done.
She is hired by Queen Brahne to find Garnet and obtain the Royal Pendant that Garnet unintentionally stole from the Kingdom. She also has extra orders to eliminate Vivi, indicating Brahne's knowledge of his creation as a prototype Black Mage.
She first encounters the party in Fossil Roo on Disc 2, where you battle her right after evading the Armodullahan.
HP: ~6,000
Drop/Reward: None
Steal: Coral Sword; Gladius; Ether
You'll definitely want Zidane to Steal the Gladius and Coral Sword, as both are useful and powerful weapons for Zidane and Steiner, respectively. After that, go to town with powerful magic and physical attacks, and she'll fall in a matter of minutes. The worst she does in terms of attacks are some medium-strength spells like Aera or Blizzara, none of which will be impossible to heal from.
After this fight, she flees, vowing to get you sometime in the future. And sure enough, she does. She kidnaps Eiko in Madain Sari. You don't fight her this time, but instead you have a one-on-one battle between Zidane and Amarant, who strangely enough saves the day.
After this, you don't see Lani until the final credits, but I won't spoil that part for you.

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