Best Gaming Laptop for the Cheapest Possible Price?

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So I want a laptop as a grad present and I want to get the best gaming laptop for around 1300 at the max! Here's what im looking at right now it's a MSI. Am I missing any sweet deals? I need help finding the fastest laptop for 1300 please help :)

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That's definitely the best deal for that price point on NewEgg. Really solid videocard, 7200 RPM drive, 1680x1050 res.

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I have that same laptop which I purchased back when it was up around 1150. No regrets here, although I wasn't one of the lucky few that have the nicer 1650x1080 lcd version of the same laptop, the 1440x900 17" LCD screen is still very enjoyable. Very nice performance for a budget gaming laptop, runs pretty smooth with ARMA 2 and Empires: TW which are the only games I'm playing right now. Only thing that sucks is the stock Vista Home Premium it comes bundled with but you can easily solve that.

And if you're into refurb's has the same laptop for $849

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