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Lara is the mother of Lucca and the wife of Taban in Chrono Trigger. Ten years before the start of the game's present time, Lara was in an accident involving one of her husband's machines. As a result of the accident, her legs were crippled, and she is chair bound for the majority of the game. However, there comes a point where Lucca is given the opportunity to go back in time to just before the accident and rescue her mother.

To save Lara, Lucca must input a code into the machine. In the SNES version of the game, Lara's name is a hint to the code, it is simply the L-A-R-A buttons on the controller. If the player enters the code correctly, the machine will stop before it can injure her, and she will no longer be crippled in the present day. In the game's "true" ending, she is seen standing in the center of the fairground at Leene Square.

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