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L'Arachel is a princess of the nation of Rausten in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. A righteous young woman, she travels across Magvel with the intent of banishing evil with the help of her subordinates, Dozla and Rennac. However, her eccentric personality tends to impede her common sense; in her first appearance, she proposes that the trio charging straight down a treacherous cliffside in order to attack a horde of revenants head-on. The jolly, agreeable Dozla is all in favor of this plan, but Rennac must convince them both that it is in fact a dangerous idea and proposes looking for a safer route. By the time they make their way down to the battlefield, the fight is already over, but L'Arachel is so intent on entering the battle that she doesn't realize it until told. She then almost reveals her identity to Eirika before Dozla reminds her that she's on a secret mission and she's not to use her name (as he says her name out loud). L'Arachel then rides off with Dozla and Rennac in tow, leaving a baffled Eirika behind.

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