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Larry is a member of Lee's survivor group and the father of Lilly. The player first encounter him in Episode 1, in the Everett Pharmacy Drugstore in Macon. Despite being the oldest member of the group, he is the most physically tough, able to knock down both Kenny and Lee in one hit. Larry constantly distrusts and antagonizes Lee because of his criminal history. It's possible that Larry may also dislike Lee because he is racist, and Lee is black. He does not seem to deny this if the player implies it.

Larry suffers from a heart condition and sometimes collapses because of it, as he does in Episode 1. In Episode 2, after being imprisoned by the St. Johns, he will suffer from a heart attack and fall to the floor, which causes Kenny to become paranoid about Larry dying and becoming a walker. Lee can either support this idea and help Kenny destroy Larry's brain against the protests of Lilly, or he can side with Lilly and insist that Larry has not died and that he can be revived. Either way, Kenny will brutally destroy the unconscious Larry's head with or without Lee's consent, ending his life for good whether he was actually dead or not. This event traumatizes both Lilly and Clementine and can cause a schism between Lee and Kenny depending on how the player makes Lee react.

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